Art BA'GALIL is a family project, specializing in out-of-the- box home decor.
Our inspiration came from our Jewish tradition. The first items were unique Judaica: big steel Menorahs, modern Shabbat candlesticks and more. As the time passed by, we found ourselves attracted to new directions. 

Today we are working with high quality steel, raw silk, fine wool and stiff plastic.
The big variety of items represents our love for innovation and adventures, or in a simple way- our tendency to take risks!


Avi, the one who started all of this mess:

"I am a father, husband and 7th generation carpenter. At the end of 2013, I came home with a gigantic Hanukkah Menorah that Imade by hand, and the rest is history."

Idan, the one who is responsible for this long 'About Page':

"Thanks to my father's (Avi) new initiative , I found myself attracted to a whole new world- modern art, Judaica, graphic design and.. even e-commerce."